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Press Release

Prague, Czech Republic (June 27th 2024)

EcoStem reveals plans to build the first hemp-processing facility in the Czech Republic, seeks investors and strategic partners

EcoStem® proudly announces a groundbreaking investment opportunity in the sustainable industrial hemp sector. Positioned to transform the Central European market, EcoStem's innovative approach to growing and processing industrial hemp addresses critical economic, environmental, and social needs.

Unique and Pioneering Approach


EcoStem leverages first-of-its-kind decortication technology in Central Europe, aiming to become the regional leader in production and processing of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a versatile crop pivotal for producing low-carbon products across various industries, including construction, textiles, paper, packaging, and automotive. EcoStem's goal is to meet the growing local demand for hemp fibers, hurds, and seeds, driving the region towards a greener economy.


Investment and Partnership Opportunities


With the closing date for investment opportunities set for November 11, 2024, EcoStem invites investors and strategic partners to explore this unique venture. The project seeks additional investment partners to establish the EcoStems' production plant, finance technology investments, and cover initial operational expenses. Over the course of the next 5 years, this investment will enable EcoStem to process over 30,000 tons of hemp biomass, trade €28 million worth of hemp products, and contribute to the sequestration of over 60,000 tons of CO2 in sustainable final products.


Importance of Hemp Processing Facilities in Central Europe


Central Europe presents a significant opportunity for the industrial hemp sector. The region faces a high demand for hemp materials with the following annual imports*:

  • Czech Republic: 10,000 tons of hemp fibers, valued at €7 million

  • Slovakia: 8,000 tons of hemp fibers, valued at €5.6 million

  • Hungary: 12,000 tons of hemp fibers, valued at €8.4 million

  • Austria: 15,000 tons of hemp fibers, valued at €10.5 million

  • Poland: 20,000 tons of hemp fibers, valued at €14 million

*United Nations Global Commodity Trade Data 2019


The absence of reliable high-quality suppliers in these territories creates a ripe opportunity for EcoStem to become the first local supplier and market leader. Strategically located, EcoStem can tap into these neighboring markets, filling a crucial gap and significantly reducing the need for imports.

Economic, Environmental, and Social Impact


EcoStem's business model integrates securing raw materials through contracts with farmers via a cooperative model, employing advanced decortication technology designed for processing industrial hemp' stalks, and selling high-quality hemp commodities. This approach ensures a steady supply of materials for high-profile clients in the construction, textiles, packaging, and automotive industries. The commitment to sustainability aligns with new regulations (e.g., Green Deal, CSRD, ESRS) pushing corporations to seek sustainable alternatives.

Industrial Hemp Benefits


Industrial hemp offers substantial benefits across diverse industries:


  • Construction
    Hemp fibers are used to create carbon-negative building materials such as hempcrete, hemp insulation and timber or OSB desk sustainable alternatives.

  • Automotive
    Bio-composites from hemp are used for automotive interiors (door panels and upholstery), replacing synthetic materials, reducing weight and carbon footprint

  • Textiles
    Hemp textiles are durable, biodegradable, and require fewer chemicals and water than conventional cotton. 

  • Packaging
    Hemp-based packaging is biodegradable and reduces reliance on plastics. 

  • Furniture
    Hempwood can be turned into floor covering, kitchen desks, substantially reducing the scale of deforestation. 

  • Nutritional Supplements
    Hemp seeds are a rich source of protein and essential fatty acids, beneficial for human and animal nutrition.

Strategic Founding Partners


EcoStem is backed by esteemed founding partners with extensive industry experience:

  • Hempoint® (
    With over 25 years of successful track record in hemp trading, Hempoint brings unparalleled expertise in hemp cultivation, seed distribution and industry network.


  • Ukrainian Hemp® (
    Known for their international business development and sustainability focus, Ukrainian Hemp operates a similar successful project in Ukraine, exporting its goods worldwide since 2022.


  • EMBA European Material Bank® (
    With over 20 years of experience and over €10M in investments in similar niches, EMBA adds significant value in renewable materials and packaging.


Join Us Now!


Investors and stakeholders are invited to visit for more information and to contact our team for detailed insights and confidential materials. EcoStem stands at the forefront of the sustainable industrial revolution, offering a unique opportunity for substantial growth, profitability, and environmental impact.


Contact Information



Phone: +420 731 704 083


About EcoStem


EcoStem Works s.r.o. is a pioneering enterprise in the industrial hemp sector, leveraging innovative technology and a strong leadership team to meet the growing demand for sustainable hemp products. With a focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability, EcoStem aims to lead the Central European industrial hemp market and beyond.




This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. Prospective investors should consult professional advisors and conduct thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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